Maestro Riko champions the cause of raising the human vibration by producing music and experiences that aid in the global pursuit for a better quality of life. His musical background spans over 2 decades, beginning at age 11, playing drums and keyboard in the church.

Maestro’s spiritual upbringing framed his view of music as a spiritual medium with real physical effects - both subtle and blatant.

Sound Hacking

“I have created the term Sound Hacking as a means to describe the use of Sonic Frequencies to gain access to an otherwise hidden system - these are the physical, mental, and spiritual systems of self.  It is my truth that by accessing these systems, one becomes aware of the inner workings of their own reality. This access is the catalyst to radical self transformation.

Ultimately, Sound Hacking will provide you with an overstanding of how the different manifestations of sound alter our states of consciousness. It is from this perspective we cultivate the therapeutic methods used to address the traumas that restrict us from living our best life. “

These days Maestro pairs his musicality with his expertise in sound engineering, and certification in Reiki (an ancient healing technique) to create an immersive experience called 808s and Meditate- A Guided Meditation accompanied by live improvised instrumentation, played on digital instruments. This experience serves as Maestro Riko’s personal pursuit to build a modern bridge between science, wellness, and music.

Photographs by wife, LC Morrissette


A pioneer OF sound hacking

I offer tools of self-mastery to shift our view of routine and mundane human experiences.


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