Immerse yourself in elevated tunes.

New 808s & Meditate album


808s & Meditate (Vol. 2)

Maestro Riko presents Volume 2 of the groundbreaking experience that is 808s & Meditate.

Experience the live recording of the synth-based soundbath performed at 432hz accompanied by guided meditations, affirmations, and improvised instrumentation.

Available for download and streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play now.


Previous Releases

808s & Meditate (Vol. 1)

Immerse yourself in a journey of elevated sound, including live melodic soundscapes over the hypnotic 808 as well as pre-recorded compositions charged and tuned to 432hz for your listening pleasure.

Available Exclusively on Bandcamp


Free Hugs (Vol. 1)

Available Exclusively on Soundcloud